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Hi Nikki, It seems like the only way to fit in is if you have long flowing hair, flawless skin, and stylish clothes, just like all the glam girls do on TV, in magazines, and social media Hey Nikki, I've been crushing on this guy for about two years now, but I never told any of my friends because I was afraid that they might tell someone Dear Nikki, I struggle with anxiety and get so nervous about the littlest things! For example, whenever I see bad news on TV or hear about severe weather reports, I get so uneasy that I start to feel queasy Dear Nikki, My cousin loves reading Dork Diaries just like I do. But, every month when she comes to visit, she reads MY books and writes in MY OMG Dork Diaries! She also tried to take them back to her house

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Dear Nikki, I like to remember people's names and birthdays. But, nobody ever remembers mine. I know everyone in my class, and I always make them cards and mini presents Dear Nikki, I write in a diary like you and lately my mom has been asking me questions that relate to my entries. I was snooping around when I found my diary in my mom's closet Hey Nikki! I'm really worried about my little brother. He's not even ten yet and hangs out with these really annoying boys, and now he's starting to act like them

Dork Diaries is a series of books for children written by Rachel Renee Russell. The books are the diary entries of 14 year old Nikki Maxwell as she goes through middle school How much do you know about being flirty or romance? I usually ask a friend about that stuff. I'm all kinds of beautiful and flirty Brandon wanted Nikki to ask him to the dance. On the Dork Diaries Facebook page Brandon gets Nikki a Christmas present. It was a picture frame of them at the. Hi Nikki, I've always kept a diary. But sometimes it gets boring, which is sad because I love the idea of writing down my thoughts and feelings to get them off my chest Dear Nikki, My BFF is completely, totally, hopelessly ADDICTED to Dork Diaries, and I want to get her a Dork Diaries gift that she doesn't already have

Hey Nikki! So, I have a MAJOR PROBLEM! I went to a salon and asked for a shoulder length haircut. And the lady cut my hair up to my ears! I look HIDEOUS! When school starts in the fall, I'm afraid everyone will make fun of me Hey Nikki, You've really inspired me, just like Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, and my mom. I want to change the world! But the problem is, I'm too shy to speak out My quiz is about the first Dork Diaries book. By the way it is an awesome book! Ask the Author; The Dork Diaries quiz. Nikki Maxwell Brianna Maxwel

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  1. g to Nikki for help. Ask Chloe or Zoey, she gives great advice! Dork Diaries Wiki. 73 Pages. Add.
  2. Dork Diaries is mostly about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who movesto a new middle school. She has a rough time at first but with thehelp of her new BFFS Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon she is able tomanage
  3. Addie and I hope you guys LOVE our Dork Diaries blog as much as we do!; So I'm going to ask Chloe and Zoey if they want to pretend they're super.

He really likes Nikki and thinks she is really unique and humorous. He has a soft spot for animals and also volunteers at Fuzzy Friends that his grandmother owns. Brandon also has a good sense of humor.In Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know-It-All, he has his birthday in late January.and his Zodiac is Aquarius Personalit This page is for any Ask Nikki's that occured in the month of May. They will be listed in chronological order and pictures from any entry that provides one can be seen on the bottom Read Chapter 12 -- Brandon and Nikki's Date (Part 2) from the story Dork Diaries Truth or Dare: A Dork Diaries Fanfiction by DemigodCoven (Me, Myself, and I) w.. Dork Diaries: Tales from a NOT-SO- Secret Crush Catastrophe by Rachel Renée Russell is about a dork, Nikki's life, and how she deals with the mean girl Mackenzie's troubles. Nikki had to hide rumors about her, and deal with them before her friends heard about it This is the full summary page for Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl.. Summary Edit. With the recent buzz involving the upcoming Halloween Dance, Nikki is dying for Brandon to ask her- although she doubts he will

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Nikki Maxwell authors an advice column for the school newspaper in this fifth book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series.Nikki Maxwell develops a sudden interest in student journalism that may or may not (okay, definitely does) have to do with the fact that mean girl Mackenzie has started writing a gossip column How to Be Like MacKenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries. Do you love Rachel Renée Russell's Dork Diaries? Do you want the flair and class of Mackenzie Hollister, Nikki's arch enemy? This simple article will teach you how! Have a healthy diet. Brandon is a photographer for Westchester Middle School's newspaper, and the Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star, it is revealed Brandon plays the drums and joins Nikki's band, Dorkalicious

The Dork Diaries Wiki is a collaborative website about Dork Diaries that anyone can edit! Created by Rachel Renée Russell, Dork Diaries chronicles the life of Nikki Maxwell, who is a new student at Westchester Country Day Middle School Nikki Maxwell is the main character from the Book: Dork Diaries. This Quiz is all about her. Please don't try to cheat Nikki Maxwell's life is about to get a whole new chapter because Nikki's arch nemesis MacKenzie has stolen her diary! Find out what happens next in the new Dork Diaries 9: Drama Queen - out now. Dork Diaries Tales from a not so Happy Birthday by Rachel Renee Russell is about a girl named Nikki Maxwell and her and her friends Chole and Zoey want to throw a HUGE party for Nikki. Unfortunately, Nikki has a budget of 100 dollars and she needs 500 dollars and she has a lot more problems

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dork diaries so there was this blog thing I read a while ago nikki went to a store and mac tried to get her in trouble but lik e she stroked nikki's hair and that it just not straight and then i thought of this post i saved cuz it was a mood and it was accurate Nikki x MacKenzie MacKenzie x Nikki NiKenzie Mikki MacKenzie Hollister Nikki Maxwel well i wanted her to answer my letter so how do you email nikki from dork diaries. Best Answer: You can ask on this Ask Nikki page. Over on the right. Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl (also known as Party Time) is the second book in the Dork Diaries series. It was released on June 8, 2010. Story Edit. Nikki Maxwell is hoping her crush, Brandon Roberts, will ask her to the Halloween dance Nikki Maxwell as you all should know is a Dorky, not so popular teenage girl. Nikki drags through her high school years as a well known Dork, enemy of the most popular girl in school, Mackenzie Hollister So far, she has only wore them in Dork Diaries: OMG! All About Me Diary! She owns 983 books and has read most of them twice. She works in the library and was the first one to apply (most likely because she loves reading books). She went to a special Taylor Swift concert with Zoey. Chloe is the one who always ships Nikki and Brandon

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Join the fun as we celebrate Nikki Maxwell's birthday with Dork Diaries Book 13: Tales From a Not-So-Happy Birthday and the 10th Year Anniversary of the Dork Diaries book series! FREE punch, cupcakes and party favors, including Dork Diaries and Max Crumbly posters, stickers, and bookmarks while supplies last Best Answer: Nikki finds out that there is a Girls Ask The Guys dance at her school, and she plans to ask Brandon. Theo and Zoey, and Chloe and Marcus are flirting, and Nikki sees that they'd be really good couples for the dance Rachel Renee Russell's sequel to Dork Diaries is packed with adorable art and tons of laughs. Recipe for disaster: 4 parties. Add 2 friends and 1 crush. Divide by 1 mean girl out to RUIN Nikki Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So MacKenzie labels Nikki as a Dork and goes out of her way to make Nikki's life miserable. will ask her to the Halloween. The boxed set will include the first three books of the bestelling Dork Diaries series, which chronicles the oh-so-fabulous life of Nikki Maxwell as she navigates the halls of middle school, mean girls, BFF drama and first crushes

Nikki Maxwell, Queen of the Dorks, is back in the 12th instalment of the best-selling series! The New York Times best-selling series Dork Diaries follows Nikki Maxwell as she chronicles her life - her move to a new school, her battles with queen bee MacKenzie and her zany adventures with her BFFs, Chloe and Zoey, by her side Reading Group Guide. Discussion Questions for: Dork Diaries By Rachel Renée Russell Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life 1. Nikki is starting at a new private school

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Just ask eighth-grader Nikki Maxwell, the star of Rachel Renée Russell's super-popular Dork Diaries series. Nikki's luck is the absolute worst—or at least that's how she feels after she gets her school assignment for the mandatory student exchange program Dork Diaries Fanfiction. It's Nikki's first year of high school! Her crush from 8th grade, Brandon Roberts asks Mackenzie out! I think, i'm going to ask Brandon. Nikki drags through her high school years as a well known Dork, enemy of the most popular girl in school, Mackenzie Hollister. But halfway through her not-so-fabulous year, things start to brighten up! Or you could say, A LOT! Brandon finally reached the point where he could ask the BIG QUESTION! Brandon asks Nikki to be his Girlfriend Look their is a boy I like...but I don't know if I should tell him I like him or NOT. you see he is cute , funny , short , kind of dorky , and weird what should I D

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  1. NAME: Nikki Maxwell AGE: 14 years old FAVOURITE COLOUR: Periwinkle. FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Art. FAVOURITE SONG: Baby Baby FAVOURITE FOOD: Mexican Food LIKES: Sketching, have fun and going on adventures with her friends. DISLIKES: Cleaning her room and MacKenzie's pranks
  2. The Dork Diaries Series is a book series written by Rachel Renee Russell and published by Aladdin paperbacks. This series comes under the humorous category and shows the personal life experiences of the main character Nikki Maxwell in a comic way
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  5. Dork Diaries- Once Upon A Dork. my fanfic of dork diaries I hope you all like it. the point where he could ask the BIG QUESTION! Brandon asks Nikki to be his.
  6. ator, decides to enter the talent show at her expensive private school, her nemesis MacKenzie threatens to reveal Nikki's status to the rest of the school

Dork Diaries is a series of books directed at tween girls by Rachel Renee Russell.They follow the misadventures of Nikki J. Maxwell, a slightly bratty and shallow but still well-meaning and likable fourteen year old girl Nikki also has a younger sister named Brianna. . Throughout the books, Nikki seems to grow more confident in herself and does refer to herself as a dork, not only in her diary but also in public. Personality Edit Nikki is thoughtful, kind and always looks out for her friends. She truly describes herself as a dork A page for describing Characters: Dork Diaries. Nikki J. MaxwellThe protagonist of the story, an unpopular and utterly unlucky teenage schoolgirl who Dear:Nikki My name is lolly ,and my bestfriend jussie just asked asked me outbut I dont know how I feel and what if I hert his feelings if i sayno pease help ;)

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Dork Diaries is mostly about a girl named Nikki Maxwell who moves to a new middle school. She has a rough time at first but with the help of her new BFFS Chloe, Zoey, and Brandon she is able to. how much do YOU know about dork diaries 7. He wants to ask Nikki Maxwell will you marry me? He wants to kill her. From 1 to 5 (1 being the worst 5 being the. Rachel Renée Russell's hilarious Dork Diaries series follows a-dork-able 14-year-old Nikki Maxwell as she tries to fit in at her private school, Westchester Country Day. In the latest book in, Crush Catastrophe, the drama continues as Nikki tries to figure out how she's going to spend her summer Dork Diaries 8 (2014) About book: I thought this book was very well written. I think that this one was very finny. I really liked how all the fairy tales were portrayed in this book. All the fairy tale characters were someone she knew in her real life. I also liked how the sibling bond was shown between Nikki and Brianna.

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Fandom Rivalry: Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans are not fond of Dork Diaries, to say the least. Hilarious in Hindsight: Nikki's Leaning on the Fourth Wall comment from How To Dork Your Diary becomes this now that a movie adaptation is in the works But with a special dance coming up where girls are meant to ask the boys to the dance Nikki is worried that Brandon will say no. Get notified when Dork Diaries.

Love - and crushes - are in the air for Nikki Maxwell in this sixth book of the New York Times best-selling Dork Diaries series. It's the biggest dance of the year and Nikki Maxwell is hoping her crush, Brandon, wants to be her date. But time is running out. What if he doesn't ask her? Or worsewhat if he asks Mackenzie?! Nikki Maxwell's adventures continue in the twelfth installment in the blockbuster #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series! In Nikki Maxwell's newest diary, it's the countdown to the end of the school year, and Nikki's juggling some big questions about how she'll spend her summer Dork diaries 1. What I'd Like the World to Read What I'd Like the World to Read Liew Tian Min, 1B (2011) Hong Kah Secondary School 2. Written by : Rachel Renee Russell Library Call Number:_____ What I'd Like the World to Read DORK diaries Tales from a NOT-SO- Popular Party Girl 3 If you like The Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell by crrlstaff June 12, 2018 Fourteen-year-old Nikki Maxwell writes in her diary of her struggle to be popular at her exclusive new private school, then of finding her place after she gives up on being part of the elite group

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What Dork Diaries character are you most like? This quiz is 100% accurate, if you answer the questions honestly and truthfully Ever since the first book, I've become a fan of the Dork Diaries series. (Basically, it's Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but for girls). Despite being way past the intended age group for these books, I've found a kindred spirit of sorts in Nikki Maxwell--the artistic dorky girl who just wants to make friends, survive middle/high school, and stay one step ahead of the school's queen bee and number one. OPEN FOR MORE INFO Our instagrams Nikki: teresasayegh Mackenzie: Weird_Bronwyn J... title is pretty self explanatory. due note this was a school project though Mrs. Kincaid is Nikki, MacKenzie, and Brandon's biology teacher. She is strict but fair. In Tales From a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker, Nikki decided to ask Brandon to the Sweetheart Dance. But she becomes to discratched by noticing 'Pop Quiz' written on the board The book Dork Diaries is written by Rachel Renee Russell. I give this book series a 4 out of 5 stars. This is a series of books about a girl named Nikki Maxwell

Facts about Rachel Renee Russell 4: the story of Dork Diaries When you read Dork Diaries, you know that the story is centered on Nikki Maxwell. She is the primary character who tries to fits in the middle school Dork Diaries 13: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday has 187 reviews and 48 ratings. Reviewer alexa56749087 wrote: i liked this book dork diaries is my favrite types of books to read DOGO books Book reviews by kids for kids DOGO books Book reviews by kids for kid

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Anyway, you result could be Nikki, MacKenzie, Brandon, Brianna, Chloe and Zoey, or Jessica. Books Dork Diaries Popularity » Share quiz . Which Dork Diaries. How do you ask Nikki a question on the Dork Diaries website? Dear:Nikki My name is lolly ,and my bestfriend jussie just asked asked me outbut I dont know how I feel and what if I hert his feelings. Buy Diario de Nikki (Dork Diaries, Spanish Edition Hard Cover) - Collection: 9781608841233: Rachel Renee Russell from BMI Online, see our free shipping offer and bulk order pricing

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  1. Dork Diaries: Nikki and Brandon's Life. Book 1. October 20th 2015
  2. Due to your personality we can find out which Dork Diaries Character you are! Ask mommy to clean it up I got Nikki I have a diarie and I have her personality.
  3. Everyone's been rooting for Nikki Maxwell and her crush, Brandon—and fans will finally learn if they had their first kiss in this seventh book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series! Nikki's juggling a lot this month

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  1. Which Dork Diaries Character are you? Marvellous Marcy? FabFans of Mackenzie?Chlo,Zoe, n Nikki? or JUST A DORK! U choose! Ask To Join they're group
  2. Dork Diaries 6: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker [Rachel Renée Russell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Love—and crushes—are in the air for Nikki Maxwell in this sixth book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series. It's the biggest dance of the year and Nikki Maxwell is hoping her crus
  3. It's Nikki Maxwell's birthday!! Will it be a blast or a bust? Find out in Nikki's newest diary, the thirteenth installment in the #1 New York Times blockbuster bestselling Dork Diaries series
  4. DORK DIARIES: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-HAPPY HEARTBREAKER is the sixth book in the series. Nikki Maxwell is gearing up for the popular Sweetheart Dance. She is hoping to ask her crush, Brandon
  5. Dork Diaries Printable Coloring Pages. Download and print these Dork Diaries Printable coloring pages for free. Dork Diaries Printable coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition
  6. nikki maxwell dork diaries ask me anything ask me ask . Me and my family! Accent theme by Handsome Code. Hi guys! It's me, Nikki! And this is my ask blog, so ask.

How well do you know Dork Diaries? Wow! Wowie Wow Wow Wow! You know you Dork Diaries! You are the queen dork! Have you ever considered making and publishing YOUR very own dairy? You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions. On average, 5446 of users who took the quiz gave 9.08 right answers Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dork Diaries. 45 Nikki is a brat. In Dork Diaries 4, she said I throw a temper tantrum whenever my parents ask me to clean up my room. Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star [Rachel Renée Russell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Everyone's been rooting for Nikki Maxwell and her crush, Brandon—and fans will finally learn if they had their first kiss in this seventh book of the <I>New York Times </I>bestselling Dork Diaries series!<BR><BR>Nikki's juggling a lot this month Nikki hopes her crush will ask her to the Halloween dance in the second book in the bestselling Dork Diaries series Nikki is finally starting to adjust to life at her new school and things are looking up The Book Hook. Search this site. Navigation. Home. DORK DIARIES #5. One of Nikki's friends called Nikki and ask Nikki if she could go to the library and.

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Excerpt: This is just my opinion in who should play what role in a dork diaries movie. 1)Nikki Maxwell Nikki is the main character, as you know it FINALLY!! the 12TH DORK DIARIES IS OUT!!!! It is the BEST BOOK EVER that i got BANGS to be like Nikki!! Fun Fact: during the Max Crumbly comercial when he was shown in his locker a message was wrote: Nikki was here and a pic of Nikki writing in her diary The Hardcover of the Tales from a Not-So-Talented Pop Star (Dork Diaries Series #3) by Rachel Renée Russell at Barnes & Noble. Nikki feels like she can't ask. I'm sure all Dork Diaries fans remember the moment when Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey played Truth or Dare at Zoey's New Year's Eve sleepover. What happens when the 3 of them and a lot of other Dork Diaries characters play Ultimate Truth or Dare This book is about a school girl nikki wanting to go to the sweet heart dance. nikki's friends already have dates. but does nikki have the guts to ask brandon to the dance. and Will Brandon say yes or no. will mackenzie and the CCP ( cut,cool and popular) group get in nikki's way. And will Mackenzie ruin Nikki

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Dork Diaries OMG!: All About Me Diary! [Rachel Renée Russell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Narrate your very own Dork Diary with this write-in journal, filled with questions for every day and complete with art and quotes from Nikki Maxwell herself! As Nikki Maxwell know Dork Diaries Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell. TOTAL DISASTER!!! Mean girl Mackenzie has stolen Nikki's diary! What if she tells everyone Nikki's totally secret thoughts?! But reading Nikki's diary isn't the only thing Mackenzie's interested in. Get ready for Dork Diaries with a twist as Mackenzie takes over and tells all about her. The first book, Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life was published in 2009, and there are currently 12 books in The Dork Diaries series. The character of Nikki, is named after the author's younger daughter, and is based on parts of the author's life as well of those of both her daughters

How to Make People Think You Are Like Mackenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries. Have you ever wanted to be like Mackenzie Hollister? Are you a dork just like Nikki Maxwell? Then this article is just for you. Act sweet and kind (to most.. thank you Nikki, for the SUPER HELPFUL tips for writing a dorky diary! in fact i have my own diary that i write in! this book is THE BEST book to get if you want tips for having a dorky diary!! recommended for diary lovers and Dork Diaries fans

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